The digital heart

Human achievements are accelerating at the speed of light. Technology is transforming every aspect of our daily lives. We are being bombarded daily with discovery after discovery, scientific breakthroughs and technological inventions all meant to improve the quality of our existence here on Earth. But at the very same time we live in a world that is becoming less and less humane. Our hearts are growing cold towards each other and the suffering of others. We are becoming more intolerant towards people with different opinions, colour and belief. What is the explanation for this contradiction that is going on in men?

Max Weber, 19th  German sociologist argues that it is the destiny of our era, its rationalization and intellectualization, and, above all, the disenchantment of the world, that precisely the ultimate and most sublime values have withdrawn from the public sphere.

The explorations of the human mind are ruling the world. The mind sits on the throne of the heart and pretends to be the heart. It has ill willingly and illegally disguise itself as the new centre of men and dubbed itself The Digital heart. The heart, the intuition, with its unique voice is been relegated to a distant place where its cries for justice, love and compassion are no longer heard and paid attention to. The mind, the digital heart, is fully engulfed and submerged into the dominant idea that it must produce for the material world and it uses this material world as a means to boast about itself.   The digital heart has become like a machine but a machine never has the urge for self-inquiry. A machine is never in search for its identity or the truth. It’s does not ask itself: why I am not giving or sharing when every 5 seconds a child under 5 dies because of hunger, lack of sanitation or malaria? What's the benefit of launching a probe that can   ‘kiss the sun’ when according to the World bank 3.4 billion people struggle on a daily basis to meet their basic needs and live less than 5 dollar a day?

It cannot ask these questions because the engine behind the digital heart is pride and self-centeredness. Despite the fact that it glorifies in its intellectual superiority the digital heart has one weakness, It is cannot love. Because it cannot love it lives in fear. The digital heart is afraid of love, to trust, to commit, to empathize and everything that has to do with the real heart.

It fears the heart because it knows the heart is much wiser than the mind. It knows that the heart started beating before the mind existed. But there's another reason why the digital heart is afraid. It knows that it’s not naturally the master of life but the heart is. It has asserted itself to become the master but it knows for a fact and it oh so loves facts, that it is just a servant. The heart, humble in character does not impose itself upon the servant. It allows the digital heart to reign. To act as if it is the grandmaster and power of life.

The digital heart can only hold to its throne of power if it succeeds in what it craves for: it wants the heart of men to remain completely dead, silent. It wants men to become totally heartless. That men has no heart at all. It has convinced men that his or her identity is what he or she thinks. That what he or she thinks is who he or she is. That fear and safety are its companions. The digital heart managed to create the longest rugged road in the world. That is from head to the heart.

But the heart is not for taking. The heart is not to be fooled around with. The heart does not feed itself with the intelligence of the intelligent. No the heart is full of ancient fire and power. It is the epitome of existence. It is life.  It is the Judge of life, the sense of Good and Bad.

And whenever the heart cries out and roars for liberty, independence, equality, charity and justice fear arises in the digital heart! It immediately panics and starts planning controlling and calculating. Terrified of her own intel that the heart is courageous and bold like a lion and its able to break down the gates of enslavement and push the servant aside the very moment it wants.

The time has arrived for the heart, the master to regain his throne, to sit upon it and to proclaim: Enough is enough!  Let justice and love roll on like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream! And you my servant the mind, don't be afraid, get up, the master is kind. Let’s work together. Let me show you the path, the vision for life and for this world. You my servant the mind, you be silent now.

It is time for the heart to speak again… and peace shall prevail here on Earth.


Oliver Khouri